Eskawata Kayawai - The Spirit of Transformation + discussion with the directors

Eskawata Kayawai - The Spirit of Transformation + discussion with the directors
You can find the ART cinema at Cihlářská 19, Brno
DATE: 11/09/2023

It is our great pleasure to bring to the Czech audience a screening of Eskawata Kayawai: The Spirit of Transformation, together with a discussion with the Brazilian directors Lara Jacoski and Patrick Belém.
The film is in Portuguese with Czech subtitles and the following discussion will also be translated into English.

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Brno: 11.9. 2023, Kino Art

Ostrava 20.9. 2023, Asaya CZ
Although the documentary's storyline returns us to the trajectory of the period of slavery and oppression that sooner or later led to the indigenous tribes losing their own identity as indigenous peoples, its grotto focuses on their cultural and spiritual rebirth, shared and narrated from their own perspective.
The documentary is a journey into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, offering an insight into the lives of the Huni Kuin people (which translates to real people)and their relationship with the rainforest. The viewer has the opportunity to embrace the full magic of their culture and spirituality, which is deeply connected to the use of the psychoactive drink nixi pae (Ayahuasca).
Viewers can look forward to a story of resistance and willpower, strength and hope that literally radiates from the Amazon to the wider world, in the very times we live in.

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