Feminine Power - The Art of Sacred Dance

Estelle El Zaghloul Ramia & Graciela M. Mandujano B.
Ze Me, Na Louži 7 101 00 Prague 10
DATE: 13/06/2023

Here is an invitation to a special event created to delve into the topic of female power and what we can learn about it and how to approach it from traditional cultures. We will be the first to open this theme through the wisdom of the sacred arts, through which we can touch the essence of existence and the archetypal roots of our being.

It's no secret that sacred arts have been used generation after generation as a tool of medicine, wisdom and tradition. Our ancestors devoted their time to understanding the cycles of life, the planets, the waters, our bodies and how we are all part of the same source. This wisdom had to be protected and transmitted through time and space so that when our time comes, we have a map to guide us to our skills, abilities and talents to create the life we deserve.

This ancestral wisdom is stored in our bodies: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, and we have the ability to tap into it through the art of sacred dance.

We have devoted our journey to experiencing, studying and sharing the hidden language of sacred movement, dance and song that allows us to open new neural pathways and energy channels, giving life to knowledge for the greater good of us all.

El Zaghloul Ramia

Estelle was born in Lebanon, the heart of the ancient Cedar Mountains. Always searching for a deeper meaning to existence and very connected to feminine energy, Estelle has dedicated her life to creating a safe space for women to reconnect with their power, essence and unconditional love. As a renowned oriental dancer, fascinated by the beauty and healing of oriental dance, she began to explore this sacred wisdom to its roots to empower and heal women. Years of teaching, hosting festivals, and bringing the women's community together through ancient oriental dance and music, led Estelle to go deeper into the teachings of earth medicine and sacred arts. She has been involved in Red Road (a Native American spiritual journey), Mexican Moon Dance, and Vision Quests, during which she studies ancient ancestral ceremonies and connects with Oneness.

Combining these 2 journeys, Estelle has created a series of trainings, workshops and retreats with Gracie Mandujano as part of the Modern Organic Dance and Sacred Arts School, sharing this sacred space for essential growth with women and men around the world. She creates a safe sister space allowing us to connect with our sacred power and all our bodies in all dimensions and embrace our Divine Feminine through intuitive soul dance, sacred oriental dance, healing music, recognizing our inner elements and exploring the creative power that lies within ourselves.

Graciela M.
Mandujano B.

Gracie was born in Honduras, the land of ancient, wise Mayan traditions. After studying medicine, she felt a calling to move away from orthodoxy and seek what might connect her to the true meaning of life. Yoga and dance brought her to this reconnection with her body and her divine power. She began to study these ancient sacred arts and this led her to an alternative path as a healer and lightworker.

She began to create spaces for women to connect with their bodies through dance, yoga and meditation to achieve a deep understanding. Her roots took her back to the path of her ancestors, to the Red Road, Mexican Moon Dance and Vision Quests, where she studied ancestral ceremonies, prayers and types of healing.

Integrating her studies and her spiritual journey, Gracie has created a series of trainings, workshops and retreats with Estelle Zaghloul as part of the Modern Organic Dance and Sacred Arts School, sharing this sacred space for essential growth with women and men around the world. Through intuitive soul dance, yoga, deep meditations, cleansing rituals and energy work, she offers a safe space to step into your sacred feminine and masculine energy.

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