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The Sarava Foundation was established to support indigenous tribes, preserve their culture and spread their wisdom, which we believe is essential for the preservation of the human species. We provide support through financial resources and the implementation of projects that help to sustain the indigenous way of life.

Our activities also include the organisation of public events that open up space for intercultural dialogue. We strive to raise awareness of the culture and traditions of indigenous tribes, which we consider beneficial in addressing contemporary societal and environmental issues.

Havlin Morais

For more than 15 years I have devoted myself to the deep study of spirituality, philosophy and insight beyond the horizon of our ordinary knowledge. My studies in philosophy and theology at Charles University were interrupted by trips to the Amazon, where I repeatedly experienced the teachings of the indigenous tribes there.

Sarava.foundation is a matter of heart for me. A project that connects cultures and spiritual knowledge so that we can all become one and find a brother on the other side of the planet with whom we can explore together the mystery of life and knowledge here on Earth.

Lucie Havlínová
Stepan Bako


My biggest passion in life is traveling. I have always been drawn to exploring new worlds, both outside and inside myself. It is these journeys that have led me to the source, to the endless forest of inner depth.

When I'm not traveling, I'm doing graphic design. Together with Lucia, I founded the Sarava espirito amazônico project, which is our heart's affair and whose spirit is growing towards the promotion and dissemination of traditional values of indigenous cultures.


Although my primary focus is psychedelic - I provide media coverage for the communications of the Czech Psychedelic Society, psychedelic research at the National Institute of Mental Health, and the PSYRES Foundation for Psychedelic Research - my heart beats for ritual and the preservation of traditional forms of healing. This reflects, among other things, my PhD studies at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University.

Sarava.foundation moves my activities into the spheres of knowledge and wisdom, which in my view are essential for the evolution of collective consciousness and the de facto survival of the human species.


Eva Cesarova

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Annual Report 2022

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How can I also support?

If you want to support our goals and help indigenous tribes protect their cultural heritage, right to self-determination and live according to their customs, you can support us. Either financially or as a volunteer at an event we organize.